Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Subway Sleep


There's nothing like a good sleep on the subway. I hate commuting because I feel like it's a total waste of time, except when I'm sleeping.

The 7 train was running all local today due to a "sick passenger". I think that term is too vague. Every time I hear it, I imagine a passenger getting up and yelling, "Damnit, I just caught a cold. Stop this damn train." Running all local only adds 5-7 minutes to my commute, but that's enough added time for me to actually fight and claw my way into an available seat. I succeeded in getting a seat and promptly closed my eyes.

I'm one of those people on the train who fall asleep and gape. It happens slowly at first, my mouth creeps open a little, but after I'm fully immersed in slumber, my mouth opens wide like a snake trying to swallow a hippo. By the way, don't watch that video if you have a weak stomach. I kept waking up and shutting my mouth quickly out of embarrassment only to fall asleep again to ensue in my never-ending yawn.

I also kept leaning into the person next to me, and jumping awake. The sight of a gaping, leaning, sleeping Asian guy who kept jumping awake was too much for the straphanger in front of me to handle, so she began cracking up. I looked up at her for a second, then slowly felt myself fall back asleep.

Best commute ever. Kill me.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's totaly me on my commute. One time I saw a strap hanger try and get some shut eye and he just fell on some old lady who was sitting in front of him. Awesome.

11:13 AM  

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