Monday, July 17, 2006

Tape Worm Vendors


Does "Kum Gang San" mean "tape worm vendors" in Korean?

So I went to Kum Gang San yesterday for lunch and ordered their overpriced sushi lunch. When the plate arrived, I noticed that one of the pieces of sushi was moving. Upon closer inspection, there was a maggot or a worm squirming around in one of the pieces. It looked like it was trying to get free, and at one point, I think I heard the little fucker say, "Wait! Don’t bite in yet! Let me get outta here first!"

Obviously I got very upset and called over a waiter. First they tried to argue with me and tell me they couldn't see the worm. But once the waiter saw the worm, he couldn't hide the look of disgust on his face. Without apology, he ran over to the other waiters, who all proceeded in congregating around the worm and laughing at my expense. The waiter came back and told me he'd bring me a new plate. Of course I said, "Hell no" and asked for something else, but what I really should've done was storm out and report the incident to management.

They ended up avoiding my table like the plague because they knew I had more complaining in me. I’m a little angry at myself for not making a bigger deal out of it. Needless to say, they charged me full price for my meal.

So for the best tape worms in Manhattan, check out kum gang san over in Korea-town:

Kum Gang San ($$$$)
Korean, Japanese, Sushi, Barbecue

49 W 32nd St, New York 10001
btwn 5th Ave & Bway

Phone: 212-967-0909
Fax: 212-967-3999


Anonymous carolita said...

Holy crap! I thought that the (required) freezing of fish was meant to kill any tapeworms, or other critters, and that's why one is never supposed to eat freshly caught raw fish!

You have to wonder where they get their fish from! Maybe they're just catching them off that pier in Coney Island (I always wondered where those catches end up!).

I'll never eat cheap sushi again. Unless it's a nice, fake california roll (they're almost always made up of "fish sticks", composite fish, thoroughly homogenized and processed.)

And you should DEFINITELY report that incident to the Health Inspector, or whoever needs to know. That is a really really bad health risk.

1:11 PM  
Anonymous jl said...

I guess you should be grateful they didn't charge for the extra 'protein'...?

Yeah, get the Health Dept on 'em.

5:16 PM  
Anonymous Pat said...

That's fucking disgusting.

11:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

why the fuck did you pay? you are stupid!

10:11 AM  

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