Saturday, December 31, 2005

Family Ties

Sometimes I wonder how B and I are related. While he is a self-loathing, pessimistic asshole, I am a narcissistic, pessimistic bitch.

Last post of the year. Hope everyone had a good one.

My New Year's Resolution is to drink more. Make it yours too.

I could definitely write an Unexplained Phenomena - Volume 2 post about those assholes out there who think saying "See you next year!" is both clever and funny, but I'll refrain because it's bad luck to leave the year off on a negative note.

Plus I don't want to alienate the pricks who do it because I know easily 75% of the people I know do.

Too late, huh?




Anonymous B said...

You're an ass. See you next year is endearing. There's something nice about it, and no one thinks it's clever. I've got to defend the phrase "See you next year" because I must've said it to like every single co worker I have.

6:46 PM  
Anonymous processedcheese said...

sorry b, "see you next year" is on the same plane as, "happy turkey day!"

4:32 AM  
Anonymous km said...

heyyy... i say "happy turkey day" =T ... i think it's my way of convincing myself that i saved energy as opposed to typing out the entire holiday.
happy new year! although i do not agree with ur resolution, *yes gag, i've reformed from all vices except smoking*... i kno it'll make u happy, so therefore it makes me happy.

3:00 PM  

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