Tuesday, December 11, 2007


When you're a creative type, it's good to know people in the following professional categories:


Medicine, so that you have someone to call and ask if it's possible to overdose on vitamin C after you took 2000 mg in an attempt to ward off a burgeoning throat infection because you are without medical insurance and cannot afford to get sick, and your pee has begun to smell funny.

Finance, so you can properly gauge whether or not your mutual fund is providing a satisfactory return, or you'd be better served putting your paltry savings in an alternate investment that will make it increase exponentially so you can finally pay for that elective tonsillectomy.

Law, so you know your options after you get caught robbing your first bank.

Unfortunately, I don't know anyone in any of these fields. Well, at least anyone that I'm well-acquainted enough with to call and ask such asinine questions. I have friends I can call to ask what instrument appears in the opening bars of Lover, You Should've Come Over by Jeff Buckley (harpsichord) and who painted the Old Guitarist (Picasso), but no doctors, no investment bankery-type persons, no lawyers.



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