Thursday, October 19, 2006

Da Bus

I don't live near a subway line, so whenever I need to get into the city without splurging on the Long Island Railroad, I need to take the bus...the fuckin' bus. Taking the bus is a rather unpleasant experience in itself (crowded, hot, slow, unsteady—not fun at all), but it’s the people you encounter on it that really add that extra dash of “OHMYFUCKINGOD” seasoning to an otherwise bland ride.

Last night, after leaving work a little late and running for the bus so I could get home in time for the Mets game, I shoved myself into the steamy, throbbing mass of tired commuters. For whatever reason, people do not like to move to the back. For whatever reason, people like to stand as close to the front as possible, thus clogging the entryway, thus opting to leave a huge open space in the back and smushing themselves together in the front, thus making it difficult for reasonable people (such as myself) to get past them and into the comfort of the back of the bus.

After watching the woman in front of me struggle to push through to allow the passengers entering behind us room, I finally called out, “there’s plenty of room in the back, I don’t know why no one’s moving.” To which, one of the cuntrags blocking the aisle snapped, “there’s no room.” And right on cue, people started to move back, opening up a significant amount of space. She avoided eye contact with me for the rest of the ride.

I need to travel a long distance to get to my stop, so by the time I get off, the bus is pretty empty. My stop is situated on a logistically nonsensical corner—a corner that is directly after a light. 80% of the time, the bus gets stuck at this light, and then has to stop again right after it to let me off. Usually, when the bus is caught at the red light, I walk to the front of the bus and tell the bus driver he can just let me off there. This makes the driver’s job easier because he doesn’t have to stop twice, and makes my walk home a little bit shorter. Usually they appreciate this gesture.

Last night, something odd happened. The bus pulled up just as the light turned red and got stuck. I looked around and made sure no one else was getting off at my stop, then walked up and said, “I can just get off here.” Instead of the usual, “oh, okay, thanks,” this driver gave me a look like I had just asked him to chauffer me to my doorstep and said, “no,” then pointed to the corner across the street where the stop is. I managed to stammer, “oh, uh, yeah, okay.” Then I had to stand there next to him awkwardly for the next 30 seconds or so waiting for the light to turn green, the entire time looking at the door, then him, then the door.

Fucking ridiculous.



Anonymous km said...

I think with the layout of the buses now (the two leveled bus), it scares people even more to move to the back. For what reason, I dont know.

6:26 PM  
Blogger WDKY said...

I know the LIRR very well indeed. Which as probably strange, as I live in London, but I have connections with PJ and East Setauket.

I followed a link here, by the way, and I'm kind of intrigued.

5:29 AM  

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