Sunday, January 22, 2006

Puppy Love

After giving Dog his dinner (two hours late) and watching for a moment as he feverishly dug into it, I turned away to tend to my own hunger. I paused, head cocked, listening, when I heard a strange gurgling sound coming from his direction.

Gurgle gurgle.

Google gurgle google.

Blub blub.

I turned to see what it was and found Dog's face in his water bowl. Strange, he doesn't usually gurgle when he drinks.

Upon closer inspection, I found that a chunk of his food had made its way into his water bowl and he was trying, unsuccessfully, to fish it out. I took a few minutes to bask in the humor of watching him dunk his snout deep into the bowl, bubbles spouting out of his nose, coming up gasping for air, grumbling in frustration, and returning to his task. Suddenly the thought of my having to write a post tomorrow about how I let Dog drown in his water bowl rescuing an errant piece of dog food while I chuckled at the spectacle entered my consciousness. So I finally did the humane thing and nudged him over and plucked the offending chunk out for him.

For the past few days I've had random streams of consciousness that I'd like to write about, but once I get access to my computer, I suddenly don't feel the urge.

Some of those spent thoughts:

-I’ve created a monster(s). I popped in the first episode of Band of Brothers for my dad a week ago thinking he might enjoy it and now I wake up every day to the theme song blaring from the living room television. My mom got into it somewhere along the line as well, and now when I go out, she looks at me through teary eyes and asks how I can possibly go out and get drunk when there are people out there dying in wars.

“So you’re liking the series then?”

“It’s just so sad.”

“Yep. Well, I’m outta here.”

I still highly recommend it to those who haven’t seen it. Really good stuff.

-My sleep schedule is destroyed beyond repair. I sleep at 7AM every morning and am lucky if I’m out of bed by 4PM. Today I woke up at 5. The only good that comes of this is that I seem to hit my creativity peak for the day at around 4AM, and spend a good two to three hours working on the screenplay. It probably will never amount to anything, but it’s good to feel like you’re getting shit done. Especially when you’re unemployed and completely idle.

-Job hunting sucks.

-I got really drunk with a male friend a while ago and he made something that resembled a “pass” at me. More on this at a later time because I have a lot to say about this phenomenon. For starters though, I’m fine with it because I’m not one of those girls who gets really weirded out by this. I’ve learned to accept the fact that all men use their cocks more so than their brains when formulating thoughts, decisions, etc. Especially when they’re blindly drunk.

-I’ll be staying up all night/day tonight/tomorrow in an attempt to repair my unhealthy and unproductive sleep cycle. Wish me luck!



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