Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Gummy Bear

I look through my notepad and find the lone sentence: "I ate a giant gummy bear."

I haven't jotted down any context and I can't remember what it means or why I felt compelled to write it. What's more, it's written in the pad I carry around on job interviews, so there is no drug- or alcohol-fueled excuse for it. No night of barhopping in the East Village that resulted in a curious discussion about gummy bears, worms, cola bottles or other gelatinous, slightly translucent chewy sweets. Which mindless and ultimately failed attempt at full-time employment inspired me to write something so surreal?

I have never consumed a gummy bear of inordinate size, but now I'm convinced that doing so will unlock the door to a secret fifth dimension where you walk around holding hands with giant candy bears.



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