Monday, February 04, 2008

Good weekend for New Yawk

"So what's your prediction?" the Eldest Bro asked me yesterday afternoon as I boiled water for dumplings.

"27-24, Giants," I said flatly.


"Oh, wait. No, it won't go that high. 17-14, Giants."

And what do you know? I don't attest to being some sort of hardcore Giants fan. Football is a sport I've only recently begun to understand/enjoy, and I grew up preferring the Jets. But gotdamn. It was cool seeing them beat the Cowboys. It was surprising seeing them beat the Packers (especially with that crazy field goal). But last night was just fucking shocking. That was a pretty surreal/slow/interesting/weird/awesome/confusing/OHMYGOD HE CAUGHT IT! game (that I should have put money on), and it was worth it just to see the up-their-own-ass Patriots lose, give Boston fans (most of whom have become unbearably smug) one less thing to brag about and just be really fucking surprised. And if the death blow was delivered by New York, all the better.

But all the Super Bowl craziness cast a shadow on news that made me just as happy to be a New York sports fan. Six years of Johan Santana makes me feel a little better that they traded Lastings Milledge for Q-Tips and coconut jellybeans, and I think the Mets need to atone for last season and give Shea a proper send off in the World Series.

Oh, and the Rangers won something this weekend too.



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