Monday, January 07, 2008


1) 2007 left me with a handful of extra pounds I can’t seem to shake no matter what and a newly acquired sweet tooth. I was never much for cakes and cookies, candies and sweets, but somewhere towards the beginning of last year, I developed an insatiable taste for the sugary, starchy, gooey and buttery. Good for baking, bad for the waist.

2) Tonight’s attempt at chicken pot pie turned out to be a success. My brothers and I polished off the entire nine-inch pie (which doesn’t seem too big, but when it’s filled with starchy vegetables, chicken and thick gravy, turns out to be very hearty) in one fell swoop. I take a lesson from everything I make lately, and I’ve learned that making pie crust is no fucking joke. It took longer to make the crust than it did to cook the entire pie.

3) I was tempted to make crepes for dessert, but I decided that would be inexcusable and opted to eat an orange instead.

4) That old saying that you can’t ever forget how to ride a bike is a lie. I took my new bike out for a spin and I was a wobbling mess. But better than my mother who couldn’t even move a foot before crumpling into a heap on the sidewalk.

5) Anthony Bourdain rocks. He cooks, he travels, he eats crazy shit, curses like a sailor, drinks like a fish, makes fun of everyone and is as blunt as a sledgehammer. I adore and despise him in every way imaginable.

6) I watched The Namesake last night and it served as a reminder of how familial bonds are at once virtually indestructible and dangerously fragile.

7) I wanted to hold off on watching Atonement until I read the book, but two hours of James McAvoy proved to be too much to resist. (Semi-spoiler alert) The concept of using writing to create an alternate reality that should have been really stuck with me, and I can see how it would have worked much better as a book than a film. I kind of regret watching the movie first, but whatever, James McAvoy is pretty.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds like you might want to run out to your nearest Duane Reade to get a pregnancy test.

12:57 PM  
Anonymous -L said...

I don't believe in immaculate conception.

1:08 PM  

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