Monday, December 11, 2006

Relative Reality

You know there’s something wrong with the world when the most logical advice you get is from a friend who is being treated for mental illness.

There is no objective reality.

Everything makes sense only in our own minds and is dependent upon what form of reality we live in.

Case in point:

This past weekend, I went to a fashion photo shoot for the magazine. As soon as I arrived, the model we had hired introduced himself to me and was extremely friendly. As our conversation progressed, his friendliness segued into blatant flirtation. Although I was flattered at first, I became suspicious when he started to be a bit touchy. He wasn’t particularly inappropriate, I just dislike being touched by anyone I do not know well no matter how attractive or nice they are. My suspicions were confirmed when another attractive female arrived and he immediately dove into his repertoire of flirtatious banter with her. Then when he started to overtly hit on the female model, then the stylist, then the producer, etc. By the end of the shoot, his creepy desire for ass or attention or whatever it was had become a running joke amongst the staff.

“The thing that completely boggles my mind is that he doesn’t understand the ‘flirting etiquette’,” I tell N, the stylist in between cigarette puffs. “If you’re going to hit on a girl, don’t hit on every girl in front of her. You’ve got to pick one girl and stick with it or else you’re just insulting everyone.”

N laughs and nods in agreement.

The female who ultimately was most receptive to his bizarre advances was the girl who was modeling with him.

Models live in an alternate reality where this behavior is not only acceptable, but encouraged. In Normal Person World, this is considered rude whereas in Model World, where everyone is pretty and gets whatever they want just by pouting, their rules of decency are different. He probably gets laid all the time using this odd tactic.



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