Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Hella Bored

That's right, I'm hella bored. So bored, I'm going all West Coast on your asses.

I like lists, so I'm going to make a list.

Ten Things That Happened in the Last 24 Hours in the World of L:

1) I found out that another one of my friends got engaged.
2) Dog threw up.
3) Eldest Bro called from Australia to make sure I told my parents when he'd be back.
4) I lied and said, "yes."
5) I ate five clementines.
6) I watched "A Charlie Brown Christmas" for the umpteenth time.
7) Someone walked by my desk and farted something awful. By the time the smell hit, they were gone and I didn't get to see who it was.
8) I discovered that one of the co-founders of Gothamist was my high school chemistry teacher.
9) I rediscovered The Frames.
10) I got too lazy to think of a number ten.



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