Friday, May 12, 2006

Today's Funny Shit

Fridays are not good for me on the creative front, so I'll just copy and paste an email from the Best Friend that was so funny I was sitting at my desk sobbing:

oh another thing i forgot.. this was pretty funny/embarassing

b4 we went to the play and drinking
[for my coworker's birthday].. we went to lucky cheng's for dinner hahaha that shit was crazyy

so J (hot black boss) lol... was trying to order a drink and all the drinks are named like perverted crap .. and he goes... "lemme get the poontang" HAHHAHAHHA........ and the drag queen's like.. "honey you want it soft or hard?" and J goes. "i want it TIGHT!" AHAHAHHA and then the drag queen points to me and goes "there's a small asian girl right next to you... i bet her shit is tighter than your ass"

hahahahaha they're soooo vulgar there it's hilariousssss



Anonymous JeMeCache said...

Now that's Happy Hour.

About your question: I live in Toronto now. I lived in New York for about two years when I was younger but we moved here because of my mom's job.

4:41 PM  

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