Thursday, April 06, 2006

Scheduling Conflicts


Period. End of the road.

That’s all they need to say to me to get me off the phone.

Hi, this this L from X conference production company and I’m organizing a Conference on Boring Tax Shit from August 7-9 in Chicago and I’d like to invite you to speak at the event.

Sorry, due to scheduling conflicts, Mr. Up-his-own-ass will not be able to speak.

Nothing I can say to that. No need to launch into my spiel about networking opportunities, free company exposure, you’re soooo knowledgeable in this field, people have specifically requested to hear from your company, blah fucking blah.

Because really, none of that shit matters when your wife is expecting your first child the week prior and you should probably stay in New York with her (someone from Sony actually told me this. He was really nice about it though).

Come on man, who cares about the baby? Chicago is cool!

It’s not just work though. Life is one big giant scheduling conflict. A stick shoved straight up your ass.

Hey Chef, what’s up?

Nothing much, just doing laundry.

You working tomorrow?

No, but I have to go to a friend’s birthday party.


What are you doing Friday?

Oh, I’m going to a baseball game on Friday. And the only way I’m missing that is if I get hit by a bus (knock on wood please).

Oh, hmm, I have work on Saturday and Sunday night…

What time are you done?

One AM.

Oh, well.

Oh, well.

Well…I’ll call you on Saturday? Maybe we can meet up after you’re done with work?

Yeah, sure.
Yeah right, I’ll be drooling beer by one AM on Saturday.

Okay, well, bye!

Have fun at the baseball game!

Sometimes people have babies. Sometimes people have work. Sometimes things just aren’t meant to be.

On a side note, Best Friend just called and told me she got Mets tickets for tonight. Some things are meant to be.

L + DW = <3


Blogger Gamer C. said...

Working around hectic schedules can be tough. A lot of my friends have to work of each other schedules to hang out because their always working. Shoot, with my schedule, I never have anytime for myself (Plus I've been really lazy lately.)

2:26 PM  

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