Monday, April 03, 2006

Random Monday Thoughts

1) My office has begun a campaign of stringent website blocking. I'm guessing I triggered it in some way because I quite easily log 20+ hours of personal internet use a week. I logged onto my computer this morning to find that almost all of my favorite blogs are now off limits due to "Adult/Mature Content." Thankfully, I still have access to these two (as well as my own). Whenever I clicked on a link in my favorites, I was greeted with a message listing my IP address and log-in ID and stating, more or less, that Big Brother is watching me and IT has been alerted to my penchant for adult websites. Unemployment here I come!

2) My parents left for a two-week trip to Tokyo/Korea last night, and I thought I would be happy to have the house to myself, but I'm mostly bored and a little sad. Probably because I don't have a booty call to take advantage of the situation with.

3) I was feeling a little blue when I went to bed last night, and one thought kept running through my mind that almost kept me up all night, "If I die in my sleep, Dog will starve to death." Pretty morbid. B, you better check-in regularly to make sure I'm not dead.

4) Julia will be coming to "live" with me as my surrogate mother starting Wednesday. It's gonna be like the old days when we lived together in college and all we did was drink beer, eat buckets of fried chicken and watch DVDs of OZ (much to the revulsion of anyone who came over to find us prostrate on the couch, bellies stretched taut and hands and cheeks stained with grease).

5) Today is opening day. *cue seraphim singing, rays of light shining through clouds*



Anonymous Pat said...

I'm always afraid of getting own3d via IP logging. Can you still read The Phat Phree? Man, I'd be screwed if that were blocked.

And I'm glad you can still read mine. Thanks for readin'.

6:05 PM  

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