Monday, March 06, 2006

Crash & Burn

I can tell you how pissed off I am that Crash won the Best Picture Oscar.

I can go on for hours about how it tied racism into a neat little stereotype-ridden package. How it unrealistically took a group of ridiculously racist people and changed their entire perception and attitude towards race in one day through a series of outrageous coincidences. The petty criminal inadvertently robs his own kind and reforms. The racist cop saves the woman he violated and in a moment of clarity reverses decades of built-up racist tendencies. The Korean immigrant smuggler is just an immigrant smuggler. The "good cop" discovers the fear and racism lurking inside.

I can tell you about all of that.

I can tell everyone how I enjoyed the movie for what it was, a hokey, entertaining montage with the typical "strangers coming together" resolution whose eye-opening, barrier-breaking intentions were too big for its two-hour capacity. How I predicted the outcome of every story a half-hour in. How I left the theatre feeling satisfied, but emotionless. How I forgot the premise of the film as soon as it was over. I can tell you I liked it, until it became the best film of the year over several others that far surpassed it.

I can also tell you about how Brokeback Mountain was undoubtedly the best film this year. Its worth only downplayed by an unending barrage of tasteless jokes, controversy, unintelligent people who said it was "slow," and unlikely commercial success that immediately gave it the label "overrated." How I forgot halfway through the film that it was about gay men because it focuses more on human love rather than "gay" love. It conveys the same message that Crash does without every big player in Hollywood "slumming it" to make a low-budget indie film to somehow legitimatize their $10 million paycheck careers. How it was thought-provoking without the unending streams of bitter dialogue that continued to drill the theme into your head (in case you missed it the first thirty-five times someone just said something RACIST).

I could say all this, and a lot more. But I won't...

I'll just write it in my blog.



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