Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Ash Wednesday

Happy Ash Wednesday everybody!

Although it is a somber affair, designed for Catholics to think about just how disgustingly sinful we are and how much of a waste it was for Jesus Christ to die for us greedy, thieving, unappreciative shits, I'm making the most of it.

(S)he who is without morals is without sin.

In the spirit of Ash Wednesday, my mother insisted I pack a vegetarian lunch. But there are eggs in it. Shouldn't that be a double Catholic no-no? I am essentially eating chicken abortions on a day when I'm not supposed to be eating meat (hardcore Cats don't eat anything at all).

I love eggs. I don't know why. They just taste really good.



Anonymous Pat said...

I don't think chicken eggs are aborted; technically they're more like expelled ova that were never fertilized. Then again, jerking off is a sin, so I guess wasted gametes are also wasted life. You can't win.

I'm giving up swearing for Lent. This is going to be as tough as the time my bro decided to keep kosher for Lent.

6:05 PM  

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