Monday, June 16, 2008


I had a weekend.

Friday was W's birthday celebration at Zombie Hut in Carroll Gardens where their signature drink, the Frozen Zombie, comes in a slushy swirl of deceptively innocent pink. The first sip is pure Bacardi 151, the second is a sweet concoction that slides coolly down your throat until you're crawling home on your hands and knees speaking in tongues. I opted to stick with my usual vodka sodas and, at a wallet-friendly five bucks a pop, the $40 I had vowed to limit myself to for the evening went a very long way. Home at 4 AM, drunk, unable to resist the lure of food, I engorged myself in chorizo and bread and Parmesan cheese and watched bad television before falling into a fitful sleep.

But I was still up bright and early at 8:30 to trek to Long Island for a winery tour. One toasted bagel with tofu cream cheese, three vineyards, half of a fried softshell crab sandwich, one scoop of cappuccino heath bar ice cream, a stroll around the Strawberry Festival and my hangover was completely cured. Wine wasn't exactly the hair of the dog that bit me, but it was his cousin and did just fine.

I'm not much for whites but in the stifling heat and humidity, I developed a newfound appreciation for a cold glass of Sauvignon Blanc outdoors. Delicious. I had considered wineries in the past, but after spending the final hours of sunlight lounging on huge cushioned lawn chairs in front of rows of vines with a glass of blush, it's now my life goal to own a vineyard in Italy or France. And after fiddling with my friend's dSLR, I'm dying for an Olympus E-420.

A long day that should have ended at ten when I was lying on my couch feeling bloated and fuzzy ended up powering on until 4 AM. Bowling and many pitchers of watered-down Coors Light later, I was home, drunk, again. But still ready for the Mets game the next afternoon. Eldest Bro and I decided to stay for the entire doubleheader, too tempted by the lure of a free game and the fantastic seats in the Loge boxes behind home plate that we had upgraded ourselves to. A huge dinner at a Korean restaurant with the family for Father's Day and a few shots of vile soju and... it's 3 AM. I have deadlines tomorrow that I most definitely will not hit. I have lost sleep that I should make up for. I have a headache and a stomachache and a neckache. But I'm feeling content and pensive so I decided to spit some brain spew.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just wondering if you meant Sauvignon Blanc as opposed to Cabernet Sauvignon - Cab Sauv's are usually very big meaty wines and not likely to be great on a summers day.

5:03 AM  
Blogger CEO of the World said...

yup, my mistake. thanks.

10:22 AM  

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