Friday, June 13, 2008


After over a month of running around, sporadic emails, missed opportunities and scheduling conflicts, the Architect and I finally got together for our first date tonight. While there's no grand story here, all I can say is that it was lovely. Just that--lovely. He's the kind of guy that I should like and, for a change, I actually do like him. But he's flaky. We'll see where this goes.

I also got together with K today for the lunch we were supposed to have two months ago. I was more nervous to see him after three weeks without than to meet the Architect, but it was nice. We've achieved a level of comfort with one another where he tells me about certain aspects of his personal life and I've discovered that he is a) arrogant beyond all human comprehension, b) a manwhore that could rival Gene Simmons in manwhoreness, and c) a spoiled, old money rich kid who somehow has a Centurion Card. I probably shouldn't have said anything when I saw it peeking out of his wallet, but having never seen the almost mythical Black Card in person, I could help but blurt out, "You have a Black Card? How is that possible?" But to be fair, I know him well enough now not to be surprised that he places it rather strategically in the front slot. Predictably, he just shot me a self-satisfied smirk in response.

My spring fling, the Guitarist, left for Europe on Tuesday and I was a little blue. But he deserves a story all his own and I'll save it for another day.

When it rains, it pours.



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